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The priestess used her bow and arrow to trudge herself. Kikyo’s legs felt numb than ever. Even so, she forced herself to trudge forward. For the sake of her own soulless life. Out of nowhere, a black creature had attacked her from behind. For another unknown reason, Kikyo hadn’t reacted when the demon was creeping towards her. What a Fool of myself!

She had somehow lost it, though she could sense out that little dark aura still chasing after her. Whether it was from Naraku or not, she wasn’t sure. Everything happened so fast. She had no idea where she was, or where was running to, though somehow the woods seemed familiar. Kikyo’s breathing was getting difficult, a huge crack was shown on the miko’s back, making the priestess more fragile than ever. She turned around to face the demon that she had expected to be behind her.

Though it was no where to be seen. Then all of a sudden the creature attacked in front of her, loosing her balance she fell backwards and tumbled down a hill slope. With her conscious fading, she thought of how useless she was. I was a fool. Allowing such a foul demon to appear before me without my knowing… For a moment, she thought she saw a flash of red… before darkness entirely enveloped her. 

The priestess’s brown hues showed no more than the reflections of the cruel world. The wandering soul’s eyes only glazed and distant… as if thoughts were jumping in and out of the priestess’s mind.

A twig snap broke the silence, including the priestess’s thoughts and she swiveled around, pulling back an arrow and aiming towards the sudden noise.The aura around her mixed with different living things, forbidding her to recognize and analyze who’s there. “Come out.”


      you can either  fight  at my side

                  —  or

        get  crushed  under my heel

                  —  but 

        you will not  stand  in my way

OutofSouls: Hello… Omg this feels awkward ok Yes I’m back. (Not that anyone will really care xD ) 

I decided to leave some of my roleplay blogs Hiatus till forever I want to return. So far I’ll only return to two of my roleplay characters including this one ^_^ 

Once again, thank you all for your patience and support! I will get to my starters as soon as possible since well… worst time to choose to come back but school started again >_<lll I had a good rest though : )


you’re not the f i r s t thing 
                    in my life i’ve 
                                       [ & ]

[I apologize for my long absence lately. But really even in Winter Break… I have homework. This is taking me longer than I expect, Again, I’m sorry to say this but…

I’m Going To Be On Hiatus 

I’m going to be on Hiatus till I can get things going smoothly… or maybe until I have the need to roleplay here on tumblr. 

Please forgive me again, this sounds harsher than it needs to. 

I’m still in the middle of thinking if I should keep on roleplaying or not. Really considering to just lay on Hiatus for a while. Though… Keep in mind that I might return sometime… or someday. 

Gomenasai. But I need to find that passion in order to continue roleplaying.

For my fellow roleplayers… Arigato for being patient with me. I truly apologize… but I don’t think it would be fair to you if I would write a reply back that is low rated compared to yours.

If You would unfollow me because I’ll be inactive for a while, then do it now. I expect a lot of follower loss due to my absence later on. Though.. well. No further reasoning. Just… I would hope that you would understand that people have a life outside of the internet, and it’s quite stressful whether or not it’s a school day or even a vacation.

Thank You For Your Understanding.

I’ll be Back As Soon As Possible. Once I’ve regained my schedule, and once I’ve found that passion to roleplay once more.

I will be back… For Sure.]